Issues that Matter to the 143rd District

Schools That Equal Success

Joe is a concerned father of two children in our public schools. He will make education the top budget priority so that our schools get the funding they need to prepare our children for success – and without overburdening taxpayers.

Fiscal Discipline & Transparency

As a local official, Joe opposed unnecessary tax increases and forced more government transparency, In Harrisburg he will protect our tax dollars by making Harrisburg do more with less by focusing on the right priorities – education, job creation, infrastructure and public safety.

More Jobs & A Stronger Economy

Joe will leverage our community’s assets – our people, schools, and quality of life – and push for smart reforms to help keep and attract new jobs and help the small businesses who drive our economy.

Keeping Our Families Safe

Joe will work for commonsense — comprehensive measures that address gun violence in our state, address the opioid epidemic that is both costing us lives and driving up crime, and support our police and emergency responders with the tools they need to do their job.

Focusing On Our Needs

Joe knows being State Representative is about helping our communities. From working to protect open space and our environment to supporting infrastructure projects that reduce traffic and everything in between he will put our unique needs first.

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